Channeling the power and boldness of the goddess Athena to support veteran victim-survivors of sexual violence in Australia and incite a movement for change within the Defence Force and the wider community! The Athena Project is a veteran founded organisation designed to support veteran victim-survivors of sexual violence. The Project is a safe place to be seen, heard, believed and supported by a community of like-minded souls. Through victim-led initiatives, networks and advocacy, The Athena Project is changing the future of lived experiences for victim-survivors within service and empowering survivors to reclaim their power, story and identity.


Jordyn enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force in 2016 as an 18 year old from Kingscliff, New South Wales, and graduated the Australian Defence Force Academy in 2018 as a Logistics Officer. Jordyn became a victim-survivor of sexual assault in 2020 and subsequently found herself navigating a challenging road filled with mental health struggles, administrative push-back and legal uncertainty. She founded The Athena Project in April 2023, as not only a support and advocacy organisation for women veteran survivors of sexual violence but also as a voice to change the future lived experiences for women veterans, who may experience an incident of sexual violence during their service.


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The Statistics


1 in 6


20 x

of individuals residing in Australia have reported experiencing instances of sexual harassment within the past 5 years.

Australian women experience physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner during their life. Studies suggest this rate is increased within the Defence community. 

In 2021-22 88% of clients who sought support for sexual violence related issues in the ADF were women. 

In Defence, sexual harassment occurs 20 times more often than sexual assault, <1% compared to 4% (Defence workplace behaviours
survey data 2021).

“Fundamentally, Jordyn’s approach when assisting victim-survivors is led with deep empathy and is trauma-informed. Her skills in advocacy are underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of policy and procedure when supporting those who are at their most vulnerable; victims of harassment, abuse, and/or further victimisation by systems of power. I met Jordyn last year when I was faced with my own case of sexual harassment and further victimisation in a workplace. She ensured that my emotions and thoughts were valid and justified, she made me feel safe and that I was not losing my mind. She was an anchor for me when I felt completely lost at sea. Jordyn also helped me draft emails, find policy documents and overall held my hand and helped me to get through one of the lowest points of my life. Knowing Jordyn’s story, and what inspired the genesis of The Athena Project has only furthered my sincerest respect for her strength, selflessness and her fearless aspirations for fairer systems and outcomes for victim-survivors. Systems in which the victim-survivor is prioritised, heard, respected, and vindicated. I cannot wait to see what The Athena Project will achieve.”

Caity M

survivor testimonial

“We were fortunate to have Jordyn present “A Different Perspective” to a Convocation for women aviators in technical trades. Her strength and compassion are as evident as her ambition and motivation to change how veterans and serving members experience the way the ADF deals with instances of sexual misconduct. Feedback from convocation participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many women rating Jordyn’s presentation as the most valuable of the 2 day event. Jordyn is warm and engaging, relatable, and a formidable force for change. I highly recommend Jordyn and The Athena Project to any organisation looking for a frank and fearless speaker with an incredible story to tell.” 


Cait T. Air Force

The Athena Project is at its core a veteran support organisation. The core service of the Athena Project, The Survivor Advocate Network, is a service accessible to all veterans and their partners including: current serving members, previous serving members and their spouses. For related services also offered by The Athena Project and its founder, these can be accessed, utilised and engaged by any organisation, individual or group looking to learn, understand or assist in our mission. 

Who can use and access The Athena Project?


How does The Athena Project work?

The Athena Project is a not-for-profit organisation that runs on the power of its volunteers. The support advocacy network consists of a network of beautiful souls who volunteer their time to be available if and when, a victim-survivor may require their support in a moment of crisis. Our volunteers submit an expression of interest to become an advocate and they are then interviewed and vetted by our team. Once they have been offered a volunteer role of an advocate they complete a training module designed to promote understanding, empathy, compassion as well as outline the expectations of them in their role as an advocate. They are then listed on The Athena Project website, as an active advocate and if a victim-survivor in their locality requires an advocate they will connect with the victim-survivor and provide services of an advocate.

As for the additional and bespoke services offered by The Project, this operates on an as required and as engaged basis by liaison with our Founder and Director, Jordyn. Jordyn has extensive experience as a Keynote Speaker and Advocate and offers services of consulting, presenting, panel speaking amongst a myriad of other skills to corporate entities, Defence units and teams who are aligned with The Project’s mission and invested in the lives of veteran victim-survivors. 


Do I contact The Athena Project if I am in immediate danger?

No. If you are in immediate danger please call 000 (if in Australia) or the global emergency number 112. The Athena Project is unable to provide assistance in an emergency, so if your safety is at risk please contact emergency services.


Is The Athena Project only for women?

To be upfront, gender is a spectrum and all genders experience violence within our veteran communities. The Athena Project welcomes advocates from all genders and is a service available to all genders. The Project acknowledges that there are certain demographics who make up the majority of victim-survivors of sexual and gender based violence and in this way offer some select services and community groups for specifically female-identifying members. However, everyone is welcome at The Athena Project and it is a safe place for all people, no matter your gender, identity, sexual preference or experience.


How can I access a victim-support advocate?

To access our victim-survivor advocate service please CLICK HERE. This will prompt you to send an email which will be received by our team and flagged as a priority. As we grow this process will evolve. Do not fret if there are no volunteers in your locality, some of our advocates are able to travel to your locality to provide support. Alternatively, if you are more comfortable with an advocate service being delivered over the phone, this can also be arranged. You are also welcome to email The Athena Project directly at to engage with our services. 


Do I have to have Australian Defence Force experience to be a part of The Athena Project?

Not at all! Whilst it is helpful to have an understanding of the dynamics at play in The Australian Defence Force, it is not a requirement of our advocates to have service experience or exposure. We welcome advocates from all backgrounds as we believe the core of being an advocate is not about a shared employment history, but the compassion people have for one another. Our training module covers an introduction to the ADF for all advocates to allow for common understanding and assistance in navigating processes and terminology specific to Defence that may be experienced by victim-survivors. 


How do I become an advocate?

All Athena Project advocates are selected and vetted prior to becoming active advocates. You can submit your expression of interest to be an Athena Project advocate and read more about the process HERE